HEXAD Carryall Duffel is a traveler’s bestfriend

Technology has severely altered how we furnish content. No longer burnt by vast veteran equipment, we can now accumulate a rigging alongside a garments and other security when we strike a road. That, however, doesn’t meant that each luggage or bag can arise adult to a hurdles of safely and conveniently storing a unstable yet still costly devices, cameras, and whatnot. That is where a HEXAD Carryall Duffel comes in, charity additional imperishable insurance for supportive apparatus yet also has adequate room for roughly all your things.

It’s some-more than usually a duffel bag is a tagline from creators WANDRD. While duffel bags are a dime a dozen, not all of them were done with a complicated traveler in mind. At a really least, we have usually one approach to lift them, as a duffel bag. The HEXAD, however, has adequate straps to concede we to lift it in any approach we see fit, like a backpack, for example.

And we competence indeed wish to lift it that approach since you’ll be tempted to reserve divided anything and all inside a HEXAD Carryall. To give we an thought of usually how many we can store in it, a really possess Vincent Nguyen used it for a 10-day outing opposite a world, with adequate space for 3 competition coats 6 pairs of pants, 6 dress shirts, a span of dress shoes, and, of course, camera apparatus and electronics.

Travelers are all too accustomed to how a continue never seems to concur when we need it a most. More brave travelers like to lure predestine itself, going into places that will truly exam what we and your bags are done off. And a HEXAD Carryall is done with additional imperishable material, waterproof zippers, and substantially some-more straps than we can count both inside and out.

The HEXAD Carryall is simply one of a best transport bags we’ve come across, in both comfort, space, durability, and style. It isn’t perfect, though, and we had a bit of emanate with shoulder tag being a tad to narrow, that ends adult feeling it cuts by a skin. Not many of a problem if you’re lift a light bucket yet when you’re make-up full, we competence find yourself holding breaks distant too often.

Needless to say, that smirch is usually one dump in a sea of integrity that is a HEXAD Carryall, a complicated traveler’s best friend, generally if you’re a form who goes places to emanate memories and content. It is a product that has clearly resounded with scarcely 3,000 backers on Kickstarter, where there is usually a small over an hour left. Better strike that large immature symbol quick or wish they will sell this and a other HEXAD bags soon.