Microsoft Exec Says Windows 10 Mobile Hardware Is No Longer A Focus

“But building new features/how aren’t a focus”, Belfiore explained.

Though Belfiore did not exhibit what caused them to cancel Windows Phone, he might have alluded to a miss of app developer support as a categorical reason behind this move. Belfiore combined he had “switched platforms for a app/hardware diversity”, though didn’t brand that complement he’d started regulating instead.

‘We bewail to surprise we that during a finish of March, a app chronicle you’re regulating is no longer upheld and we can't send and accept messages. “Choose what’s best 4 u”, he tweeted. With that 80% of Windows mobile OS inclination were left stranded in a wild. HP too pronounced they are pulling a block on a Elite X3 handset, a final of Windows Phone that was still being sold.

Nevertheless, ZDNet says Microsoft will still be concerned in a smartphone industry, as it skeleton to move a Edge web browser – that is now usually accessible for computers using Windows 10 – to Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

According to Belfiore a association attempted their all to captivate in some-more program developers and so urge a state of their app store. Other systems, that enclosed Windows 10 Mobile, hold a tellurian marketplace share of around 0.2 per cent. Over. RIP Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile, we frequency knew ye.

Windows Phone is dead, Microsoft has admitted.

When it comes to smartphones, Microsoft never got it right from a beginning, nonetheless it has been producing a mobile chronicle of program for 20 years now.

Bill Gates recently certified that he has finally shifted to Android. The organisation laid off thousands of workers past year as it slashed a mobile business it had bought from Nokia in 2014-a squeeze that led to a $7.6 billion write-off. These also reviewed well, and married with a iconic branding saw a flurry of certain coverage – one researcher believed a energy of a height and a Nokia name would see Windows Phone pass a iPhone by 2015.


Nadella, in his book, pronounced his biggest beating was a tellurian cost. People who opted for a Windows Phone always complained about a peculiarity of a apps or rather a miss of it.

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